Young Socialists in Parliament: Lessons from Germany
Black-E Studio
3PM – 4:30PM
TWT_045 young socialists in parliament

Young people are at the forefront of today’s class struggles: from wage stagnation and rising living costs, and the housing and rent crisis, to climate breakdown and the fight for a fair energy transition, political youth can and must shape the future of our economy and society. In the UK, younger generations are underrepresented in electoral politics, but the story in Germany is changing. In 2021, 49 members of the Young Socialists or ‘Jusos’, the SPD youth, entered the Bundestag. How did they do it? How are they faring? What can left youth in Labour learn?


Nadia is the Labour MP for Nottingham East, and a former care worker.

Nabeela is a member of Young Labour's National Committee. She is also a Councillor for Park and Arbourthorne in Sheffield.

FES UK Project Manager

Member of the Bundestag, SPD

Member of the Bundestag, SPD, Chair of the Young Socialists (Jusos).

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