Abolish NGOs?
St Bride's
2:30PM – 4PM

This session will trace how and why NGOs have become a popular form of progressive and Left-wing organisation, and a vocation for radical activists. We will explore how this shifts the political terrain and limits our ability to act radically, and examine the particular working conditions these organisations rely on to reproduce themselves.


Dave Stamp is a social worker, immigration advisor and trade unionist, with 20 years’ experience working in the non-profit sector.

Jo Taylor is a worker member of the Solidarity Economy Association (SEA), a worker-led cooperative based in England, Scotland and Wales that aims to overcome capitalism by building up the solidarity economy from below. Jo has been active in grass-roots political, ecological, internationalist solidarity and local community organising for over 16 years.

Jamila is an organiser with TWT, and a writer and researcher with Pagliacci Rossi.

Ali is an activist bureaucrat with extensive experience in 'left' NGOs.

Liam is a councillor in Lewisham, South-East London and has worked for a number of non-profit organisations including an international NGO. He most recently worked for the Institute of Race Relations and has a particular interest in anti-racism, political communication and community organising

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