Ecosocialism from Below
12:30PM – 2PM

To address the scale of the climate crisis, everything must change, from how we move, heat and cool our homes to what we eat, and learn. To change everything justly, there must be a reckoning with with legacies of harm, be they economic, racial, political, gendered, or otherwise. This session will explore internationalist forms of social ecology, community organising approaches to climate justice and network-building strategies to work towards systemic change.


Local councillor from Germany who advocated for grass roots power.

Climate Justice campaigner with DSA New York

Elly is a climate organiser with Living Rent based in Glasgow. They currently work with Tipping Point UK and the Defund Climate Chaos coalition and specialise in making climate movements more class accessible and relatable to everyday peoples experiences.

From Scotland's tenants union, Living Rent

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