Cost of Living: Crisis Economics
St Michael's Church
10:30AM – 12PM
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Politicians continue to blame workers for soaring costs while companies make historic profits and banks heap more misery on us by hiking inflation rates. Join us to discuss how we can reframe the cost of living crisis as a political choice, how the climate crisis is set to accelerate these trends, and what we can do about it.


Economist, Council member at Progressive Economy Forum, and host of Macrodose podcast.

Riz (they/them) is an activist, student and member of Rethinking Economics Oxford.

Lecturer in Development Economics at Kings College London

Áron Rossman-Kiss is a researcher, activist and artist based in Budapest. He is a member of Hungary's new left party Szikra and responsible for international relations within Szikra's External Affairs Committee.


Rethinking Economics is an international network of students and recent graduates building a better economics for the classroom, with the support of academic allies.

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