Novara Media: Who Are Our People? (additional free ticket required)
Online, Toxteth TV
7:30PM – 9PM
novara live

Over recent years, debate about left wing political strategy has hinged on whether one is for or against identity politics. But is such a binary even helpful for those interested in addressing the climate crisis, threats to LGBTQ+ rights and a society marked by ever higher inequality? Those critical of identity politics often respond that a ‘class first’ approach is needed. But what does this imply? Does it mean a cross-class alliance is impossible, or not necessary, for the kinds of policies socialists want to implement?

Note this event requires an additional (free) ticket (opens in a new tab)here.

UPDATE: this event has sold out. You can still queue and if there's space we will fit you in, but no guarantees.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to the start time above.


Ash is Senior Editor at Novara Media.

Sociologist & author of A Nation of Shopkeepers: The Unstoppable Rise of the Petite Bourgeoisie

Aaron Bastani is co-founder of Novara Media and author of Fully Automated Luxury Communism.


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