Transforming Your Neighbourhood
Black-E Studio
4:30PM – 6PM

Over the last year we’ve seen an exciting ‘second wave’ of local political education festivals and events organised by local Transformed Groups up and down the country - from climate festivals in Devon and Cornwall, to city events in Norwich, Sheffield and Cardiff - with impressive results. Come along to this workshop and learn from members of local Transformed groups about the power and joy (and challenges and successes) of using local political education events to cohere left organising where you are, and explore ideas for how you could put on your own events to transform your neighbourhood.


Transformed Groups are local political education groups putting on festivals and other events where they are. Inspired by TWT's festival, they've been springing up since 2018 - recent festivals included Cardiff Transformed, Kernow Transformed in Cornwall, Tynedale's debates, and climate festival Devon Transformed - with festivals coming soon in Sheffield!

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