Stemming the Tide: The Threat of Rising Authoritarianism Across Europe
Black-E Theatre
12:30PM – 2PM
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Across Europe we are witnessing a growing trend of authoritarian legislation, targeting migrant communities, trade unions and activists. Meanwhile the far right is surging in places like Greece, Finland and Spain, along with far right governments in Italy and Hungary. Join politicians and experts from across Europe to analyse these authoritarian trends and discuss how we challenge the tide.


Caren Lay is a Die Linke politican representing Saxony as a member in the German parliament and spokesperson for housing.

Li Andersson is the leader of the Finish Left Alliance and education minister in the last Finish government

Áron Rossman-Kiss is a researcher, activist and artist based in Budapest. He is a member of Hungary's new left party Szikra and responsible for international relations within Szikra's External Affairs Committee.

Johanna Bussemer is the director of the RLS London office and the RLS European unit.

Mish Rahman is a member of the Labour NEC, Vice chair of Momentum and Trustee of Show Racism the Red Card.


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