One Year On From Leicester: Hindutva in Britain
Black-E Studio
4:30PM – 6PM

In September 2022, Hindu far-right-inspired men marched through Muslim neighbourhoods in Leicester chanting slogans of hatred—joined by British far-right groups. This year, Leicestershire police gave a service award to a Hindutva hate preacher. Tory MPs share stages with the Hindu far-right while councils fund their activity. We’ll connect the dots between events in Leicester, the history of Hindutva, international corporate funding, its increasing relevance in Britain - and how to resist.


Keval Bharadia is the former Head of Derivatives Product Development at the London Stock Exchange and currently advises on revolutionary approaches to ending poverty and inequality. He was raised in Leicester and London and is a member of the anti-imperialist South Asia Solidarity Group.

Tarun Gidwani is a PhD student in philosophy, a climate justice organiser with Tipping Point and a member of the anti-imperialist group South Asia Solidarity Group. He is also the co-chair of the Right to Food London.

Kalpana Wilson is a lecturer in Geography at Birkbeck, University of London and her research explores the racialisation of international development, Hindu supremacism and neoliberalism. She is a member of South Asia Solidarity Group.

Mohammed Owaise is the Chair of the UK Indian Muslim Council, an umbrella group of Indian Muslim organisations across the country. He is based in Leicester.


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