Solidarity Across Borders
12:30PM – 2PM

Many nation states are fortifying and expanding their borders with deadly impacts. Border abolitionists and human rights activists are fighting back, using diverse strategies: from boycotts and direct action against private profiteers, to sea crossings rescue, mass protest and legal action. In this session, international speakers will share experiences and analysis as we together explore how we can learn, think, and act across borders.


Sanaa Alimia is the author of Refugee Cities: How Afghans Changed Urban Pakistan, and a co-editor of Red Pepper magazine.

Francesca Humi coordinates the Crossborder Forum, an independent space for French, British, and Belgian organisations and activists working on cross-border migration, hosted at JCWI. She previously worked as a caseworker and campaigner for undocumented migrants at Kanlungan, a Filipino community organisation.

Kamil Tumulec is a member of noborder collective providing solidarity to people crossing the Polish Belarusian border.


A grassroots collective, advocating for food and water autonomy for displaced people in Calais.

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