Feminise Politics Now! Winning the Argument and Organising for a Sustainable, Strategic Left
School Dance Studio
1PM – 2:30PM
TWT_055 Training

Feminising politics doesn’t mean ‘more women’ - it means prioritising care, collaboration, healthy conflict and anti-oppression; it means building collective forms of leadership and participation over the hypermasculine, undemocratic modes of organising valourised across the British Left. It's also not just a 'nice thing to do' - it's a more strategic way to organise.

Many of us know this, but implementing transformative change in our organisations and spaces (from our campaigns, to our internal structures and culture) is another thing entirely! So how do we do this?

A participatory workshop for those wanting to organise differently in their organisations and political spaces.


Sasha Josette is the co-founder of Breathe, an organisation dedicated to spotlighting and supporting work that addresses racial and environmental injustice and the impacts of climate change on communities of colour and the world.

Laura is an organiser with the IWGB, a newer union representing many precarious and migrant workers.


A network of organisers and activists engaged in the work of feminising their organisations and political spaces.

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