Feminism is for Every Body: Reclaiming the Tradition
Black-E Studio
7:30PM – 9PM
TWT_124 Panel

We are currently facing a resurgence of antifeminist revanchism on multiple fronts—from borders to trans oppression, from global labour regimes to assaults on reproductive rights and sex worker liberation. The common thread uniting it all? A demand for the state to control ‘unruly’ bodies. If we’re going to fight it, we need to reclaim feminism for ourselves. In this session, we’ll discuss the rich history of liberatory feminist traditions and explore feminist possibilities for the contemporary left.


Shanice Octavia McBean is a Black writer and activist in Sisters Uncut. She grew up in Handsworth, Birmingham, before moving to Tottenham. Describing herself as a revolutionary and Afro-Marxist, she has also organised in anti-racist groups and trade unions.

Lynne Segal is a socialist feminist academic, activist and author of books including ‘Radical Happiness’ (2017) and co-author of The Care Manifesto (2020)

josie is co-editor of New Socialist, and also works as an artist and writer. Her recent work encompasses feminism, abolition, ecology, relational ethics, and sheep!

Lucy is an anarchist feminist organising with the Sex Workers’ Trade Union around workers’ rights, decriminalisation, and destigmatisation.

Mijke van der Drift works on relational ethics, transfeminism, and movement(s). Mijke has a history and present in collective organizing, and is currently a committee member of the RCA UCU.


New Socialist is an online Marxist magazine of theory and criticism, offering hope and ideas against the world of power and compromise.

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