History Sustains Us: Consciousness, knowledge & togetherness with ACFM
3PM – 7PM
TWT_096 History Sustains Us

In the heat of struggle, be it a battle with a landlord, or a national election campaign, it can often feel like we’re fighting on new terrain and for the first time. Without the tools to situate ourselves and our struggles in history, the frustration quickly seeps in. Can an understanding of where our work sits in the trajectory of left struggle help us develop a steadfastness and buoyancy that will give us strength in the years to come?

Join the #ACFM crew for a participatory workshop and afternoon of mind expanding ideas, music, food and hanging out with friends old and new.


Professor of Cultural and Political Theory, UEL. Host of #ACFM podcast. Author of Twenty-First Century Socialism and Common Ground.

Nadia Idle is a communications strategist, workshop facilitator and associate lecturer at University of the Arts London. She co-edited Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt's revolution as it unfolded in the words of the people who made it. She co-hosts politics, culture and music podcast #ACFM. She's just finished writing her first novel.

Dr. Keir Milburn works on municipalism, economic democracy and political economy for the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. His most recent book is Generation Left. He is a member of the Red Plenty Games Collective and co-hosts the #ACFM podcast on Novara Media.

Twitter: @KeirMilburn

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