Reporting on the Crimes of Empire: From Wikileaks to Shireen Abhu Akleh
Online on TWTtv
3PM – 4:15PM
reporting Panel

With states more willing than ever to detain and even assassinate reporters working to expose their crimes, alongside the deployment of huge disinformation operations designed to shield from legitimate scrutiny, we ask how to best support those doing this vital work, and how we can differentiate fact from fiction.

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Mariam Barghouti is the senior Palestine correspondent for Mondoweiss, a policy analyst with the Palestinian think tank Al-Shabak. She has also been a visiting instructor of Sociology at the Arab American University.

Stella Assange grew up in Southern Africa before moving to Sweden, Spain, and then the UK for her tertiary education where she studied politics and law (SOAS, Oxford). She met Julian Assange in London in 2011 when she joined his international legal team. They have two children together (born 2017 and 2019). Stella and Julian married in March 2022 in Belmarsh high-security prison in south-east London.

Director of the Tricontinental institute and chief editor at Leftword books.

Pablo Navarrete is a journalist and documentary filmmaker focusing on Latin America. He is the founder and co-editor of Alborada and runs Alborada Films

Journalist at Brasil Wire

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