Stop the Youthquake! Why the Establishment are trying to Silence a Generation, and How We Fight Back.
Black-E Theatre
3:30PM – 5PM
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Screwed over by greedy landlords, bad bosses, mountains of debt and inheriting imminent climate collapse. It’s no surprise young people are overwhelmingly calling for bold transformation.

Blamed by the media class for today’s problems, abandoned by the political class and now sidelined by the Labour Party, we are being denied a voice or meaningful power in politics. How do we organise to have our material needs represented and how do we take on the structures that seek to keep us demoralised and disengaged? Join us to hear from young people fighting back in such a hostile political space.


Jess Barard is a Youth Worker, Community Organiser, outgoing chair of Young Labour and socialist NEC candidate.

Young Democratic Socialists of America, Co-Chair

Nabeela is a member of Young Labour's National Committee. She is also a Councillor for Park and Arbourthorne in Sheffield.

PSC Youth and Student officer


Young Labour gives young members a voice at the top of the Party, supports local Young Labour groups, and helps mobilise our movement at election time to get Labour into power.

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