Beyond Borders: is it Possible and How Do We Get There?
Venue TBC
11:15AM – 12:45PM
TWT_015 beyond borders

"Free movement is seen as an unworkable position - but it is our current immigration system, both in the UK and globally, that is unworkable." - Nadia Whittome, MP & Zoe Gardner

People need safe, legal and global free movement regardless of where they're from, where they're heading, or how much money they have. While today global free movement sounds like a Utopian idea, it's largely already a reality - for the rich.

So how do we get to a world where free movement is the default, and not just for the wealthiest? Is it possible? And what could a world with global free movement look like?


Ana Oppenheim is a co-founder of the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, host of the Polkast podcast and member of the Polish leftwing party, Razem.

Ben Towse is a co-founder of Labour Campaign for Free Movement, a UNISON activist and member of the Uygher Solidarity Campaign.

Nadia is the Labour MP for Nottingham East, and a former care worker.

Zehrah Hasan is the Advocacy Director at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and a former immigration barrister.

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