Collective Listening Session: British South Asian Underground with Daytimers
Venue TBC
1PM – 2:30PM
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The blend of Punjabi, Bengali and Tamil folk melodies, Bhangra samples, breaks and wheel-ups has been blowing up clubs and festivals this year. But what is the heritage of the sound? Join members of the Daytimers collective as they tell the story - and spin the key tracks - of the British South Asian Underground. From the 'daytime' parties of '80s and '90s in Leicester, Bradford and beyond, to fundraising through musical compilations for last year's Indian Farmers Strikes and Covid Relief for India, learn about a music culture with deep social and political roots from some of its current leading lights.




Sonali Bhattacharyya is an activist and award-winning playwright. She's National Secretary and London Regional Rep for Momentum


Daytimers are a UK-based collective of DJs, producers, designers, promoters and who showcasing and celebrating South Asian ancestry. The collective has programmed festivals, released fundraising compilations, and are currently tearing up dancefloors across Europe.

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