Challenging Transphobia on the Left

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As socialists, we believe political education and solidarity are an important part of the route to liberation. The issues that affect trans people are issues that should unite the working class: struggles for healthcare, housing and equality. We want to make clear that trans liberation cannot be won without the liberation for the working class - and that trans women and cisgender women are united in the struggle against the patriachy.

Using a video recording of our own discussion on challenging transphobia on the left from The World Transformed 2020 festival to help steer the discussion, this workshop gives participants the opportunity to take a deeper look into how we can go about challenging transphobia when it appears in our spaces.

Challenging Transphobia on the Left - Workshop Guide (opens in a new tab)

Clips from this video are used to guide the workshop:

Please do drop us a line ahead of organising the session on [email protected] - we’d be more than happy to chat to you about any facilitation tips and techniques, and answer any other questions you might have!

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