Trans Liberation: What Even Is Transphobia?

Transphobia is on the rise across society and within the left. A recent report suggested four in five trans people in the UK have experienced a form of trans hate crime over the last 12 months. Meanwhile public figures including MPs have been able to use their platform to express transphobic views, often without consequences. But what even is transphobia? How does it manifest in different parts of society? And how can understanding its roots and role in modern day politics help us all get better at identifying and challenging it when it arises?

This is the third event in a series of political education on trans liberation organised by trans people within The World Transformed, Labour Campaign for Trans Rights and Momentum. Speakers: Shon Faye: Writer; Lola Olufemi: Black Feminist and Researcher; Juliet Jacques: Writer and Filmmaker; Chay Brown: Director, TransActual; Felix Mufti: Organiser, Labour LGBT+ Network (chair)

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